how to fund a lighting upgrade and increase your roi

need help with tax incentives? no problem.

Energy savings is a big piece of the selling pie – usually between 10-20%, but did you know that tax incentives can in some cases be much greater than energy savings. As a matter of fact, in most cases they can exceed 40%. So many of us forget to talk about tax incentives because let’s face it,,, taxes can be scary or maybe we should say the documentation can be time consume and no one wants to do it. Well, it doesn’t have to be, EiKO has partnered with Tax Centric Lighting andy they will do all of the work from documentation to providing the support needed to achieve the greatest amount of tax incentives by utilizing EPAct, CARES Act, Bonus Depreciation, and Asset Retirement. A TaxCentric Lighting System Upgrade can impact positive cash flow in 5 Ways:

1. Lower your daily operating costs
2. Usually no need for up-front cash (custom financing available)
3. Qualify for Utility Rebates (cash in the front door)
4. Increase the value of your building asset
5. Reduce your current year tax liability.