EiKO Global Announces Lynnette Schaeffer as Training Manager


EiKO Global has named Lynnette Schaeffer as Training Manager, effective January 6, 2020. Lynnette will be responsible for all aspects of training and education for distribution partners, customers, end users, agents, and industry professionals in the Industrial and Commercial channel.

With almost two decades of experience and expertise as a sales professional in the electrical distribution industry, Lynnette’s outstanding communication, training, and educational skills will allow her to make an immediate impact.

Lynnette started her career in lighting with a top-notch distributor, Van Meter Industrial, in 1998. After seven years learning the ins and outs of the distribution market, she joined Philips Lighting in 2005. At Philips, Lynnette held many key roles that allowed her to develop her knowledge of the manufacturing of lighting products, and within three years she was LC Certified. In conjunction with this, Lynnette earned her MBA from the University of Iowa. She also became LED Certified with Philips.

The various high-level sales roles that Lynnette held prior to joining EiKO allowed her to focus on education and training for coworkers and customers. This gives her the perspective required to understand product, industry, technology, and sales cycles, and to adapt this understanding to offer EiKO’s partners valuable insights into many impactful customer needs.

“We are excited to offer another best in class, value-added service to our customers and continue to build our world class team. Lynnette’s experience and energy fulfill our strategy as we drive EiKO to become one of the top tier lighting providers. We are dedicated to support our distributor partners with the highest quality products, deliver world class service, and the fastest fulfillment times for LED lamps, intelligent fixtures, wireless controls and traditional lighting products.” – Rick Leaman, CEO EiKO

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