Corporate Leadership

"Our philosophy has been to keep on top of all the technological changes and always be committed to having a positive effect on the environment. EiKO succeeds because we never lost that feeling of a small, family-owned business. Our employees are loyal, and they like working here, and our customers benefit from that. The company's success always comes back to lessons my father taught me – 'I was raised to treat people fairly, I tell people in management here, don't put yourself up on a pedestal because I'll knock the bottom right out from under you.'"
Gary Withers, Founder – EiKO Global, LLC

  • Gary Withers, Founder

    Gary Withers, along with his father, Dick Withers, founded EiKO in 1978. In 1995, Gary took sole ownership of EiKO. Gary's expertise in miniature lamps and intimate knowledge of the world's best lamp manufacturing facilities makes him an invaluable resource; under his leadership, EiKO grew from a family business to a global lighting manufacturer.
    Gary stepped down as CEO of EiKO in 2017 but still serves as an advsisor and EiKO board member. He is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

  • Rick Leaman, CEO

    Rick Leaman was named CEO of EiKO in October 2018. Rick brings a wealth of experience from a 30 year career in the lighting industry that is well aligned with EiKO's continued efforts to grow and build deeper relationships with our customers.

    Rick has previously served as President and CEO of OSRAM SYLVANIA and Region Head of the Americas for OSRAM. Before that, he held operating positions in every major segment within OSRAM SYLVANIA, beginning in 1984 as a senior industrial engineer. He also has served as product marketing manager, plant manager and director of sales and marketing, as well as President of Valeo Sylvania and CEO of OSRAM's global automotive lighting business.

  • Rick Roberts, Executive Vice President, Operations

    Rick Roberts is Executive Vice-President, Operations of EiKO. Prior to joining EiKO, Rick worked with JCPenney Catalog and has been with EiKO since 1999. Rick holds a BGS from The University of Kansas with a degree in Personnel Administration.

  • Mitch Carney, Director of National Programs & Key Accounts

    Mitch Carney is EiKO's Director of National Programs and Key Accounts. Mitch began his career with Graybar Electric in Industrial Commercial Sales and from there, moved to Philips Lighting as a Zone Manager. Mitch has been with EiKO since 2007.
    Mitch is a graduate of the University of Central Missouri and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administraion.

  • Dave Schenk, Director of Sales - US

    Dave Schenk is US National Sales Director at EiKO Global. Dave started at EiKO in 2014 after 25 years at Philips Lighting in a variety of sales management roles.
    Dave holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Finance and Banking from the University of Missouri-Columbia College of Business.